Add a twist to your next party or event. Twisted Pixels Caricatures provides a knee-slapping visual entertainment to liven up events and celebrations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and beyond. Unlike traditional Caricaturists, we do it all digitally. We are the first and only digital photo caricature artists in the country. Our unique approach generates high end 3D animation-looking caricatures that your guests can take home.

Twisted Testimonials


"Twisted Pixels made me very popular on Facebook. I can finally LIKE myself."


"Now that we’ve been Twisted, our relationships with one another have become closer."

Self Awareness

"Twisted Pixels helped me understand my inner self. . . This is where I get emotional."

NOTE: These quotes are not the actual words of our clients, but wishful thinking from the Twisted writing staff.

Digital photo caricatures can be tricky when dealing with imperfections, so we have worked hard with a team of dental hygienists to come up with a solution for those not-so-white smiles. We are proud to announce our new (patent pending) process that assures all Twisted Pixels Caricature clients the whitest smiles.